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Campaign Donors

These generous donors provided commitments toward our capital campaign from the fall of 2013 through February 20, 2018.  We are truly grateful for their support.


Cor Jesu Circle ($1,000,000 and above)

Anonymous (2)

The Carr Family

The Eugene B. Casey Foundation

Estate of Katherine Marceron Hoffar ’40

Mr. Roger H. Mudd

Mr. + and Mrs. Vincent A. Sheehy

Helen McKenna JC‘49

Sisters of the Visitation of Georgetown

Mrs. Agnes N. Williams ’47 & ’49


Founders Guild ($100,000-$999,999)

Anonymous (3)

Brian and Sheila McDonnell Bates ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Eric F. Billings
The Scott and Patrice Brickman Family Foundation
Estate of Ann Chedeayne Tindale Brown JC’41
Estate of Mary Jane Cullinane ’44

Mr. and Mrs. Lou Donatelli

Ann Kirlin JC’56

Mr. and Mrs. Haswell M. Franklin, Sr.

            Madeline Shriver ’54

Brand and Ann Fowler

Ann Sheehy ’86

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hennessy

                 Anne Griffith ’79
Mrs. Ann Dorsey Horner ’76

Joseph and Shannon Hynds

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Gillespie
Tricia and Geoff Malloy

Patricia Sheehy ’78

Hon. Terrence and Margaret O’Donnell

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Page

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Penney

Mr. and Mrs. John F.W. Rogers

The Sellier Family Foundation
Mr.and Mrs. Daniel T. Ward


Green Gate Patrons ($25,000-$99,999)

Anonymous (4)
Kate Albertini

Katherine Keliher ‘63

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ballard

Ellen and Joseph Bender

Ellen Williams ’73

Ray and Celeste Biagini

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Biegun

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Bowers

Mr. and Mrs.* Robert J. Branson

Paula Canny ’73 and Woody Simmons

Anthony and Anna L. Carozza Foundation

Lou and Stacie Christopher

Drs. Mary Beth and Marc Connell

Mr. Joseph E. Crowley, Jr. and Dr. Lupita M. Roca ’85

C. Maury Devine

Mrs. Cherrie W. Doggett

Peter and Amy Dunne

Amy Mallet-Prevost ‘85

Mr. and Mrs. Roger P. Furey

Georgetown Visitation Parents Association

Mary Lacey Gilbride Memorial Fund  ++

Dr. Felicia L. Goins ’76
The Gosling Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. J. Steven Hart

William and Julie Howard
Eugene and Killian Huger Fund – MHL
Kirby K. Johnstone

Barbara Jones ‘58

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Kain

Olivia Wills Kane ’85* and Brian P. Kane
Mr.* and Mrs. Daniel M. Kerns, Jr.

Alice Fleury ’86

Ms. Dresden Koons ’93 and Mr. Alex Perdikis

Mimsy and Rusty Lindner
Catie Malone ’77 and Ed Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn McLaughlin

Lizzy and Billy McMurtrie

Lizzy Lamond ‘91*

Jill and Paul McNamara

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Moran, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Moran

Patrick and Ann Morrison

Doug, Debbie, Meredith & Paige Nichols

Richard and Christine Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ridgway

Carolyn Adams ’89

Cathy and Mike Rusnak

Cathy Stohlman ’80

Dr. and Mrs. Enrique Segura

Nicole and Paul Sheehy

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Sheehy IV

Mr. and Mrs. + John T. Sinnott

Mary Eileen Kiernan JC‘61

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Smith

Colleen and Scott Sport

Jaynie Miller Studenmund ‘72

Tom and Glory Sullivan Foundation, Inc.

            Glory Maloney JC ‘60

Matthew and Terri Tanielian

Mr. and Mrs. J. Timothy Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Tonner, Jr.

John and Peggy Treseler

Beth and John Veihmeyer

Ms. Maria Colette Volpe ‘58

Marisel and Tom Wilbur

Julin and Michael Williams

Mrs. Gloria Wills
Skip and Jodi Yeager

Jodi Perry ‘86


St. Jane de Chantal Associates ($10,000-$24,999)

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. George N. Allport

           Grania Beauregard ’71

Dr. and Mrs. Bassam Atiyeh

Bell Family Gift

Connor Alexis Bell ’14

Joan Connor Bell Lee ’55

Lucy and Solomon Berkoff

Lucy Pfeiffer ’94

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bonner             

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Boyden

Anne Dammen ’76

Tim and Ruth Brightbill
Ms. Annie Burns and Mr. John Monahan

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. Calio

Terrence and Elena Caulfield

Elena Maceyras ’85

Mr. Eileen Cole ’90

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Coneys

Susan Ugast ’68

Mr. and Mrs. Manus M. Cooney

Bryan and Ellen Cullen

Janice Farrell Day ’73 and James H. Day

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Deerin III

Meghan Mutchler ’88

DeLuca Family

Mr. Lawrence Di Rita and Ms. Therese Shaheen
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Dombo III

Michele Matan ‘86

Julie Donatelli ’80 and Michael Baranowsky

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Ebbitt, Jr.

            Marilyn Sarao ‘62

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley N. Edwards, Sr.

Mrs. Karen O’Brien Freel ’60

Col. Mary Margaret Foreman ‘84

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Geier
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Gorman

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Guarriello

Mr. and Mrs. David Hilal

The Jim and Laura Hunt Family

Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Hunt

Janice G. Lane ’48

Mary Jo McQuail Joyce ’53

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Keating

Eden and Kevin W. Keating

Mr. Michael Keeler and Rev. Elizabeth Keeler

Andrew Kentz and Ellen Miskovsky Kentz ‘79
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kogler

Koones Family Gift

            Karen Koones Callahan ’75

            Ginge Koones Cabrera ’83 and Jim Cabrera

            Suzie Koones Egan ’79* and Tom Egan

            Charlie and Linda Koones

            Katie Koones Sheets ’77 and Law Sheets

            Kris Koones Veirs ’74

Mr. and Mrs.* Philip Lacovara

Langevin Family Gift

Eileen ’75 and Michael Fitzgerald

Liz Fitzgerald ‘07

Rosemary Langevin DiGioia ’81

Dan and Reedy ’78 Mahoney

Kathleen ’74 and George Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Laubach

Pam and Dennis Lucey

Tom and Andrea Lynch

Andrea Ellis ‘89

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Maloney

Mrs. Ceane Tierney Marks ‘60

Dan and Anne Weaver* McBride

Brent and Jolene McGoldrick

Mr. and Mrs. Michael McQuillen
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Molloy III

Margaret Whitty ’88

Mr. and Mrs. John Montgomery

The Morrissey Family

Ms. Elizabeth Mullin ’86 and Mr. Kenneth Connolly
Pam and Bill Oetgen

Tom and Patti O’Hara

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey W. Pence

Mr. and Mrs. Beau Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Quinn
Michele and Alex Ross

Michele Singer ’82

Frank and Anita Rothwell (Caitlin ’09)

The Hon. and Mrs. Philip E. Ruppe

Mrs. Molly Murray Ruppert ’55

Ms. Evan Ryan ’89 and Mr. Tony Blinkin

Mrs. Marianne Darby Stohlman ‘50

John and Regina Stranix

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Thomas

Ms. Helen Toomey ‘70

Ms. Mary Louise Toomey ’72
Robert and Laura Tramonte

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ungerleider

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Wallace

Ms. Susan Ward

Ms. Nan Shaver Whalen ’63

Mr. and Mrs. Tien Wong

Ms. Elisabeth Wraase ’07

Todd and Monica Zubler


St.Francis de Sales Benefactors ($5,000-$9,999)


Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Barr

Ann and Bob Bittman

            Ann Worthington ’83

Joanna and Michael Bopp

Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Chiradonna

Kristy Rodbell ’89

John and Bonnie Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. Rory Coakley

Nancy Keegan ‘78

Tom and Jacqueline Collamore

Jacqueline Kelly ’78*

Ms. K. Marguerite Conley ’86

Julie and Tony DeVol

Elizabeth Downes and A. Patrick Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dugan

Karen Richardson ’72

Kevin J. Fischer and Frances A. Mooney
Thomas and Frances Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Scott S. Gilbride

Mary and Peter Hamm

Brian and Christine Hannon

Mr. Thomas P. Hoey

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Johnson II

Kathy Mullins ’87

Ms. Sharon Egan Katula ’82

Mr. Joseph B. Kelley

Mr. and Mrs.* Joseph A. Kenary

Mary Lou Lanman JC ’61

Mrs. Stephanie Coleman Linnartz ’86

Virginia Lum and Robert Young

Kelley and Michelle Maggs

           Michelle Carroccio ’72

Ms. Jacqueline M. Maloney

Jackie Abell ‘71

Dr. Mary Beth McAteer-Whipkey ’72 and Mr. Garry O. Whipkey

Sharon and Wil McBeath

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. McCarthy

Mr. and Mrs. John J. McHugh

Mrs. Peggy Becker Moody ’73

Maureen Davenport O’Connor ’93

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Jay Parker

Jen and Mike Rowan

Jen Pyne ‘88

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Ryan, Jr.

Ms. Elizabeth A. Sheehy ’83

Sheila and Dan Slattery

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn H. Smeallie

Nathalie Bergin Sullivan ’71
Mr. Jeffrey Walker and Ms. Lynne Rasmussen



Leonard Neale Society ($2,500-$4,999)

Grace and John Carroll / Carroll & Carroll, PC
Chuck and Maria Castle

Larry and Molly * Drayton

Kevin and Nancy Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Convery

Elinor Ahern ’65

Sue and Mo DuFour

Mrs. Mary Helen Dunn

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Fairbanks

Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Gans

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Hotchkiss

John and Dianne Irving

Taylor ’15 and Madison ’16 Kirchgessner

Susan* and Wayne Limberg

Maureen and Patrick J. McCarty

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Molek

                 Juliana Work ’68

Steve and Christy Mooney

Christy Goodrich ‘77

Mr. James T. Neill* and Ms. Amy McNamer

Dr. Mary Jo Nolin ’60*

Judith Bailey Perkins ’62

Tricia Rubacky ’73 in memory of Sr. Jane de Chantal

Mr. and Mrs. D. Lane Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Sullivan

Michele Beauvais ’65

Liz Lynch Tobin ’91*


Teresa Lalor Society ($1,500-$2,499)

Chris and Noël (Dooley) Adams ’94

Mary Kate Blaine*

Mr. and Mrs. George T. Borger

            Geraldine Donnelly ’65

Ms. Kathleen Brogan ’99

Mrs. Stephanie Whalen Cosgrove ’64

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Dimond

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Dykes

Dr. and Mrs. Eric L. Eisenhauer

Elsje Carbone ’91

Mrs. Mimi Gloninger Fleury JC’47

Drs. Mary and Brendan Furlong

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Gillespie

Mrs. Yvette Acevedo Hannaway ’91

Dr. Mary Frann Somers Heidhues ’54

Marissa (Regala ’87) and Gerald Hodgkins

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kinyon

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Krivda

Doina (Dobrin) Lavoie-Gonci ’72

The Lindlaw Family

Suzy Nugent Lindlaw ’73

Blair Lindlaw ’06

Darby Lindlaw ’08

Casey Lindlaw ’11

McDaniel Family Gift

Allison McDaniel ‘08

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. McDaniel

Whitney McDaniel ’03

Michael and Regina Moriarty

Mrs. Elizabeth Eck Olchowski ’89

Mrs. Barbara Shea O’Hare ’67
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Poulson

Noreen Lavan ’74

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Quinn

Nancy Conway ’92

Mr. and Mrs.William J. Rowan III

Ann Cotter ‘57*

Dr. Isabel Bonneyman Stanley ’60

Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Stokes

Mr. and Mrs. Jay T. Taylor

Courtney O’Hara ’89

Mrs. Meg Snyder Thompson ’88

Elizabeth Wittschen* and Marl Consilvio

John and Kate Wyckoff


Maria Sharpe Society ($500-$1,499)

Anonymous (4)

Dr. and Mrs. Mark R. Abbruzzese

Catherine and John Adams
Maura and Neil Alt

Kathy* and Don Arndt

            Kathy Schmidt ’85

Estate of Sarah “Tink” Murdock Bolster ’46

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bratti

Elizabeth Burke*

Ms. Mollie L. Buckey ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Caraci

Carolyn McGuire Carroccio ’94

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Cassidy

Annah and Patrick Cave

Katie Charlies ’98

Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. Charles

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Clancy

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Collopy

Ms. Elizabeth Connell ’88

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace R. Cooney

Emily Collins Corbi ’99

Mrs. Clare Hogan Cumberland JC’60

Mrs. Jermaine Dawson*

Ms. Angela Capron Deering ’96

Amy Devere*

Mrs. Maurian Donohoe Dubinsky ’98

Mr. and Mrs.* Robert J. Duke

Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Durante

Mr. William T. N. Farquhar*

Ms. Eileen B. Ferrell

Dr. Mary Fitzpatrick ’66

Fink Girls’ Grandparents

Mrs. Andrea Carroccio Fleury ’75*

Mr. and Mrs. James Ford

Col. (Ret.) and Mrs.* LeRoy Foreman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Francese

Mr. and Mrs. David Gaudreau
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Gaudreau

The Gerth Family

Heather Barrett ’91

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I. Gerber

Joanne McDonald ’64

Dr. and Mrs. Walter J. Giblin

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Giere

Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Greeves

Mrs. Caroline Owings Hallinan ’47

Peggy Judge Hamilton ’85*

Maureen and Charlie Hathway

Mrs. Karen Hanus Heald ’96

Samantha Spina Hennig ’89

Ms. Anita Herrera ’75

Mrs. Joan Cashman Hildreth JC’57
Mrs. Kristin O’Connor Hirst ’93
Mrs. Caroline Mendoza Horrigan ’88

Ms. Kristin Andersen Hostetler ‘01
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Howard

Lesesne Deerin Hudson ’65

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hurt

Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Joaquin

Dr. J. Michael Joly

Mrs. Gabriella Hill Kao ’64

Patrick* and Lindsay* Kelleher

Janet* and Don Keller

            Janet Donnelly ’79

Kathryn Kelly and Frank Musica

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Kiernan

Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson King ’91

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Knoll

Carol Ann Fabrizio ’59

Mr. and Mrs.* Terrence Lapierre

Dr. Roberta J. Lily
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lonergan

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lyon

Mr. and Mrs. John J. MacDonald III

Ms. Jacqueline Abell Maloney ’71

Mr. and Mrs.* Brian M. Manion

GMGP Maynard

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Maynard

Dr. Jane Dammen McAuliffe ’62

Ms. Barbara A. McBride ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. McCaleb

Meghan Molloy ’84

Mrs. Margaret Liddy McDermott JC ‘52

Ms. Gahan Jacob McDonald*

Mr. Sean McEvoy and Dr. Therese McNerney

Catherine and Gene McGahren

Catherine Ismay ‘86

Christine* and Michael McGovern

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McLaughlin

Ms. Katherine S. McNerney ’93

Mrs. Saskia Gex Milanese ’99

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos M. Molina

Ms. Mary Grace Mooney ’12

McNevin Molloy Morris ‘98*

Drs. John B. Mueller and Celeste C. Szewczyk

John S. Mulholland Family Foundation

The Murphy Family of the Community Foundation of New Jersey

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Murrin

Denis and Paula (Sullivan ’60) O’Brien

Mrs. Sharon A. O’Brien*

Mrs. Deirdre Bishop O’Donnell ’53

Dr. and Mrs. Terrence M. O’Donovan

Jorge Orozco* and Maria Montano

Mr. Robert Paxton and Ms. Margaret Farrell

Mrs. Eileen Perkins*

Leonor Limarzi Ponzio ’97*

Mrs. Laurie Collins Quirk ‘74*

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Quirk

            Susan Kenary ’86

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Railey

Mr. and Mrs. Terrance G. Reed

Mary Ellen Spaniol ’73

Mr. and Mrs. George K. Reese

            Patricia Wenger JC ’59

Ms. Erin Reilly ’76

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reing

Dr. and Mrs. Gene Renz

Susan Billmeier JC ‘64

Ann and Jim Robertson

Ann Bigley ’70

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Robinson

Winifred Harrington ’98

Mr. and Mrs. Jose N. Rodriguez

Ms. Anne Parrette Rohall-Andrade ’86

Mary Ellen and Richard J. Rotondo

Mrs. Mary Grove Rupp ’54

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ryan

            Kate Fleury ’72
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dennis Scarff

Margaret Reilly ‘57

Katie Scott ’98 and Brian Seidenfeld

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sloniewsky

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Sterritt

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Stephenson

Judith and Fred Stoll

Judith Cavanaugh’55

Mrs. Glory Maloney Sullivan JC’ 60

Catherine Tarone*

Carmel Clay Thompson ’58

Ms. Suzanne Titus-Johnson ’75

Mrs. Kily Battista Tolentino ’03* and Mr. Rod Tolentino

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Trodden

Ms. Amey R. Upton
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Veith

Ms. Mary Veith* ’05

Mrs. Kathryn Tappan Vengazo ’62

Mr. Jason Vourlekis

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Wallace

Ms. Joan Ward ’62

Mr. Robert Whalen and Ms. Olya M. Duzey

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Wimmer

Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Wolf
Ms. Marie Spencer Woodbury-Claiborn ’69

Mrs. Madge Smith Yewell ’47 & ’49

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Zidlicky


Friends of Visitation ($100-$499)

Anonymous  (10)

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Alexander

Mrs. Barbara Schriever Allan ’67

The Angotti*/Kevorkian Family

Mr. John Arias*

Mrs. Elizabeth O’Brien Bailey ’62

Mr. Paulo Baioni and Ms. Sylvia Larrea

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard T. Baker

Mrs. Donna Bovino Bambrick JC‘64

Mrs. Susan Beattie Bartlett ’62

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Beckham, Jr.

Mrs. Patricia DiFrancesco Bender ’67

Mrs. Barbara S. Bissinger

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bolka

Mrs. Sarah Bonner*

Mrs. Dorothy Faust Borders ’67

Mrs. Martha Martin Bowen ’67

Mrs. Mary Dorsey Breslin ’99

Mrs. Rebecca Valigorsky Bricen ’67

Mrs. Claire Brinkmann*

Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins Bromberg ’64

Linda Ellis Brown ’66

Mrs. Joan Monaco Byrne JC’57

Ms. Jean Cahill ’67

Dr. Linda Palmon Calhoun ’77

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Capretta

Mrs. Jane Sewell Carano ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Carr III

Mr. and Mrs, Charles S. Carroccio

Courtney Wasp ’00

Suzanne Carter* and Zeff Yusof*

Capt. Caroline Donohue Cassidy ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Chadwick

Claire Kelly ’94

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas H. Chavasse, Jr.

Catherine Thomason ’61 & ’63

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Christie

Katherine Bigley ’77

Mrs. Margaret Mahle Clark ’87

Mrs. M. Pilar Hogan Closkey ’85

Mr. and Mrs. James V. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Collins

Mrs. Amy Comcowich*

Mr. and Mrs. John Connelly

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Connolly

Marguerite Magill ’75

Mr. John F. Connolly and Ms. Claudia James

The Honorable Lynda A. Connolly ’66

Dr. Theresa Lennon Conroy *

Mrs. Marilyn Davis Coolidge ’64

Mr. Michael Cowan and Ms. Maryann McDermott

Nancy Cowdin*

Dr. Catherine Wilson Cox ’77

Mrs. Liza Terry Craig ’92

Dennis and Christine* Curry

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Cusson

Molly Geissenhainer ’00

Mr. Dino D’Agata*

Ms. Joan Darby ’71

Mrs. Clare Branka Darragh JC’61

Mrs. Catherine Lee Davis ’94

Peggy Fitzgerald DeTurk JC’54

Mrs. Jennifer Marshall Degnan ’86

Mrs. Mary Fowler Dembosky ’80

Jen (Becker ’97) and Colin Denney

Mrs. Natalie LaCrosse DeVol JC’60

Mrs. Jennifer Stouffs Doherty ’91

Ms. Emily Donahue ’53

Ms. Mary Pat Donelan ’64

Dr. Stephanie Doores ’67

Lisa* and Neil Draddy

            Lisa Natoli ’83

Mrs. Cecilia M. Duke

Ms. Mary Ingoldsby Dunlap JC’64

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Dunphy

Mrs. Mary Sheehan Eckstein JC’65

Mr. and Mrs. Steve D. Elliott

Mrs. Tracey Moriarty Evans ’93

Mrs. Veronica Dakita Ewald ’89

Mrs. Eunice Schubert Fallon JC’50

Mrs. Claire Donahue Farquhar ’53

Mrs. Cloatta Farrell

Mrs. Theresa Spencer Fassl ’71

Ms. Eileen B. Ferrell

Mrs. Anne Collins Findley ’71

Ms. Marta Fisher ’10

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Fleury III

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Foley

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Foote, Jr.

           Kay Fishburne ’73

Mr. and Mrs. James Ford

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Franko

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Freeze

Margaret Fleury ’76

Mr. William Garcia and Ms. Alma M. Angotti

Dot Furey Gates ’54

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Geissenhainer

Mrs. Agnes Murray Gerland ’77

Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Goetzman

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Gollob

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Grandonico
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey A. Greenberg

Ann O’Donnell ’74

Ms. Heidi Greenhalgh*

Mrs. Christine O’Neill Gremp ’63

Mrs. Eve Grimaldi*

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Handorf

Caroline Coleman ’96

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Hannan

Mr. and Mrs. Myles Hannan

Dr. Jane Hannon*

Mrs. Lynda Montoya Haran ’64

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Harvey

Mrs. JoAnne Joers Haskett ’68

Col. And Mrs. Thomas J. Helget

Mr. J. Scott Hercik and Dr. Jeanette M. Hercik

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hillegass

Carrie Babbington ’88

Mr. and Mrs. John Holliday

Mrs. Jennifer Mahat Hooker ’99

Ms. Roberta Hopkins*

Mr. and Mrs.* Chris Hudson

            Eileen Ugast ‘78

Mrs. Raynetta Jackson-Clay*

Dr. Bronte J. Jasinski, M.D. ’10

Dr. J. Michael Joly

Mrs. Ann Crowley Jones

Mrs. Christy Joria*

Matthew Kaberline*

Annette P. Kane

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Kelley

            Irene Emmet ’57

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Kelly

Mrs. Elizabeth Veith Kemp ’08

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Kernan

Christine Stadtler ’70

Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Kiernan

   Kathleen Ryan ’70

Fr. Patrick Kifolo*

Ms. Hailey M. Kirchner ’12

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Kolbe, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kozeny

Mrs. Joan Rice Krause ’67

Mrs. Patricia Patno Kundtz JC’49

Mrs. Anna Bickerstaff Lange JC’ 60

Ms. Caroline Lawrie
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leasure

Katherine Baker ’94

Mrs. Rosa Di Francesco Lee ’64

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Lindsay, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lively

Ms. Kathleen Lively ’83

Mr. and Mrs. Mario E. Lombardo

Mrs. Emily Lechner Lucco ’04

Mrs. Mary Ellen Gilmartin Lulfs JC’60

Jennifer (Maloney) MacLennan ’88

Ms. Teresa C. Maguire ’77

Mrs. Deirde Daisley Makinen ’79

Mrs. Maraleta Ellerson Malloy JC’58

Dr. Pamela A. Marks ’90

Mrs. Ann Beuchert Massey ’77

Mr. and Mrs.* George E. Mattingly

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. McCarthy

Mrs. Mary Harding McCurrach ’59

Mrs. Eloise See McGaw ’67

Rosemary* and Patrick McNulty

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Metz

Courtney Byrd ’00

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Meyer

Mrs. Mariana Doores Mihalchik ’62

            Alice Albro ’45

Ms. Meghan Meyer ’98*

Ms. Lydia Miller ’10

Mrs. Julia Corrigan Mitchell JC’63

Mrs. Sarah Monnerat*

Maureen (Castle) Moghtader ‘61

Ms. Julia Montgomery ’01

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Moore

Jennifer Baker ’90

Mrs. Constance Kulik Morgan ’69

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Mulvihill

Mrs. Anne Emmons Murphy JC’61

Mr. and Mrs. Seamus Murphy

Christine Ryan ’94

Mrs. Carolyn A. Myers

Dr. Susan Nalezyty* and Mr. Donald Nalezyty

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Noe

Leanne Blinzler ’51

Mrs. Leslie Koster O’Connor ’87

Mrs. Elizabeth Balderston O’Day JC’64

Ms. Margaret O’Donnell ’72

Mrs. Kathleen Sheehan O’Donoghue ’69

Mrs. Agatha Snyder Oertel JC’62

Ms. Caitlin O’Hern ’04

Mr. and Mrs. William J. O’Kane

Mrs. Elizabeth Eck Olchowski ’89

Mr. and Mrs. Brendan T. O’Neill

Mrs. Sheila Kenny Padgett JC’60

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Paganelli

Mrs. Carol Brault Parker JC ‘58

Dr. Robert D. Pellarin

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Pels

Dr. Mark Pennybacker*

Mr. and Mrs. George Perez

Mrs. Mona Wolke Peterson ’67

Mrs. Barbara Murphy Piontkowski ’64
Mrs. Melissa Hayes Plunkett ’95

Ms. Maria-Carmen Subramanian Pinnell ’92

Mrs. Ruth Saul Poljevka ’48

Dr. Sheila Prindiville

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Psillas

Mrs. Janice Heiken Reilly JC’ 60

Mrs. Cristina Garcia-Tunon Richards ’64

Ms. Stacy Richardson*

Ms. Deirdre Colon Ross ’84

Mrs. Ann Samouce Russell JC’ 60

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Russo

Mrs. Michelle Phillips Rust ’82

Ms. Genevieve M. Ryan ’07

Ms. Kathleen T. Ryan ’87

Mr. and Mrs. J. Todd Samperton

Maureen Fitzgerald ’73

Ms. Julie Graham Sargent ’67

Stella Schindler*

Julia Robin Schroer ’03

Mrs. Katharine Devlin Scott ’69

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Scullin

Elizabeth Walsh ’67

Dr. Astrid Sheil ’73

Mrs. Jacqueline Veith Shooshan ’01

Ms. Barbara M. Shortley ’43

Ms. Aleta Spitaleri ’89

Dr. Isabel Bonnyman Stanley ’60

Mr. and Mrs. David Steinbraker

Mary Claire Tappan ’64

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Swantner

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sweeney

Mrs. Jill Passes Tillery ’75

Dr. Mary Bernadette Toland PhD ’59 +

Mr. William T. Tuck Jr.*

Turf Field Committee

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Ulm

Mrs. Jeryl VanVleet

Mrs. Eugenia Moore Walter ’52

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Weeks

Mrs. Louise Burke Whalen ’67

Mrs. Colleen Flynn Williams ’03

Ms. Jennifer Niles Williams ’67

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin F. Williams

Mrs. Kristina Anderson Wilmer ’98

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Woofter III

Michaelyn McMahon ’85

Mr. and Mrs. Darien K. Wright

Laura Anderson ’87

Mrs. Frances Smith Wyrough ’51 & ’53

Ms. Catherine Zorc ’96


Gold-White Partners (Up to $99)

Anonymous (4)

Ms. Jamie A. Adasi ’06

Mr. Robert Aronstam *

Mrs. Robyn Harrison Alexander ’86

Ms. Barbara Meyborg Bailey JC’56

Kitty Baker ’12

Mrs. Aimee LaMontagne Baumiller ’97

Mrs. Andrea Paraud Bayly ’01

Mr. and Mrs. Damon Bell

Mrs. Marilyn Weber Bender JC’53

Mrs. Nancy Feighan Berry JC’53

Mr. Maxwell Bindernagel*

Mrs. Kara Walsh Borg ‘92

Ms. Joanna Borman ’11

Mrs. Mary Bergin Bradford ’68

Mr. Kenneth H. Burrell and Ms. Kathleen A. Cohan

Ms. Clare Callahan JC’57

Mrs. Joan Carlin Cameron ’74

Mrs. Patricia Peppard Campbell JC’61

Mr. Eric Chalfin*
Ms. Carolyn Collins ’65 and Mr. John Hyland

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard A. Connolly

Mrs. Kathy Dunn Cornwell ’86

Ms. Mary Cunningham*

Mrs. Gloria Rogers Davies ’47 & ’49

Mrs. Diane Merrall Dey JC’50

Ms. Maureen Delaney ’85

Mr. Richard Dombal and Ms. Denise Hansen

Mrs. Maura Hogan Donohue ’86

Ms. Jay-Cheree Edwards ’94

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Emory

Patricia Reilly ’78

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Falatko

Mrs. Mary Lanman Farley ’87

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fields

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Filpi

Mrs. Barbara Mersch Fitzpatrick ’50

Maggie Gallagher ’11*

Mrs. Frances Gatti Bruha JC’57

Ms. Annamarie Gildea ’67

Sister Frances M. Gimber ’51

Mr. and Mrs, J. Fred Glose

            Jean Connors JC’48

Mrs. Norma Carosi Godwin ’55

Ms. Jennifer Goff*

Mrs. Hilda Ring Graham ’51 & ’53

Ms. Kathryn L. Guida ’04

Mrs. Mary Connolly Hamby ’67

Mrs. Ellen Loftus Hammeke ’68

Mr. Quillian Haralson*

Mr. and Mrs. Burke F. Hayes

Kathleen Fitzgerald ’69

Mr. and Mrs. Werner J. Hein

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Heller

Mrs. Isabelle Toomey Hessick ’67

Mrs. Anne Marie Coffey Holmquest JC’54

Ms. Margarita A. Hoover ’51 & ’53

Anne Hylden*

Mr. and Mrs. Bard C. Jackson

Ms. Angela Jewell*

Mrs. Katherine Madden Kaminski ’64

Ms. Cecilia Kane ’16

Mrs. Mary Perkey Kavaliunas ’64

Ms. Caroline Kelly ’08

Mrs. Mary Field-McNally Kirby-Harding JC’61

Dr. Mary Beth Beuchert Klotz ’73

Dr. Michal Kolpak*

Kathryn Hylden Krueger ’99

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Lafionatis

Mrs. Maria Katina Lampadarios*

Mr. Thomas J. Lang and Ms. Laura L. Delia

Mrs. Priscilla Talbott Laramie ’67

Mrs. Eileen Veith Leboff ’06

Ms. Alissa Lipton ’97

Ms. Elizabeth Maloney ’67

Mr. and Mrs. Whit Mathis

Ashley Windsor ’93

Ms. Jenny Mayo*

Mrs. Nancy Bird McKown ’60

Ms. Moira E. McLaughlin ’94*

Ms. Anne Mente ’67

Christina Miller ’10

Mrs. Natasha Gaul Miller ’88

Mrs. Sarah Monnerat*

Mrs. Roz Anderson Moore ’91

Ms. Sarah Morell ’11

Elizabeth Morgan Moyer ’62

Mrs. Mary Lou Cunningham Mullen ’60

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Naughton, Jr.

Ms. Mary Hoogland Noon ’61

Luke* and Meghan O’Connell

Mrs. Crystal Merriam Payton ’67

Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Pennington

Mrs. Mary Beaudry Pett JC’ 60
Mr. and Mrs. Waldemar J. Pflepsen, Jr.

Mrs. Monica L. Phillips*

Mr. Michael J. Rushka

Ms. Ellen Sanin ’14

Mr. Norman Sanin and Ms. Kathleen Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Sala

Col. And Mrs. John C. Scharfen

Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Shuster

Ms. Claire Siemietkowski ’12

Mrs. Lisa Singleton*

Ms. Adrianna Smith ’11

Mrs. Kelli Duvall Smith*

Mrs. Jane Leahy Stockhausen JC’64
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Stroud

Shannon Delany ’93

Ms. Lauren Sullivan ’07

Mrs. Mary Martha Lea Thedieck ’51

Mrs. Teresa Delgado Thompson ’02

Ms. Joan Milton Thorsen JC’63

Mrs. Mary Ann Maloney Valko ’67

Mrs. Karen Donovan Villella ’99

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wakayama

Mrs. Sara Donelan Whitworth ’67

Mrs. Patricia Crilley Wigmore ’76

Mr. Michael J. Wilson

Ms. Anne B. Zorc ’86


Planned Gifts

Mr. and Mrs. Rory S. Coakley

            Nancy Keegan ’78

Mr. Thomas F. Donohoe

Mr. and Mrs. Lou Donatelli

Ann Kirlin JC’56

Mr. and Mrs. Haswell M. Franklin, Sr.

            Madeline Shriver ’54

Diane Tillson Ippolito ’62 and Tom Ippolito

Barbara J. Jones ’58

Laura Van Evera Shimmons ’60 and Douglas Shimmons
Mrs. Carmel Clay Thompson ’58


++  We are grateful for the generosity of the 185 donors who contributed to this fund in memory

of Mary Lacey Gilbride ’08
*  Current or former faculty/staff

+  Deceased




JC Class of ’60 Gift – $1,900

Mrs. Clare Hogan Cumberland

Mrs. Anna Bickerstaff Lange

Mrs. Mary Ellen Gilmartin Lulfs

Mrs. Mary Beaudry Pett

Mrs. Janice Heiken Reilly

Mrs. Ann Samouce Russell

Mrs. Glory Maloney Sullivan


 Class of ’64 Gift – $3,819

Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins Bromberg

Mrs. Marilyn Davis Coolidge

Mrs. Stephanie Whalen Cosgrove

Ms. Mary Pat Donelan

Mrs. Joanne McDonald Gerber

Mrs. Lynda Montoya Haran

Mrs. Katherine Madden Kaminski

Mrs. Gabriella Hill Kao

Mrs. Barbara Murphy Piontkowski

Mrs. Cristina Garcia-Tunon Richards


Class of ’67 Gift – $2,10

Mrs. Barbara Schriever Allan

Mrs. Patricia DiFrancesco Bender

Mrs. Dorothy Faust Borders

Mrs. Martha Martin Bowen

Mrs. Rebecca Valigorsky Bricen

Ms. Jean Cahill

Dr. Stephanie Doores

Mrs. Mary Connolly Hambry

Mrs. Isabelle Toomey Hessick

Ms. Annamarie Gildea

Mrs. Joan Rice Krause

Mrs. Priscilla Talbott Laramie

Ms. Elizabeth Maloney

Mrs. Eloise See McGaw

Ms. Anne Mente

Mrs. Barbara Shea O’Hare

Mrs. Crystal Merriam Payton

Mrs. Mona Wolke Peterson

Ms. Julie Graham Sargent

Mrs. Louise Burke Whalen

Mrs. Sara Donelan Whitworth

Ms. Jennifer Niles Williams

Mrs. Bonnie Shepherd Yocum